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Bring more natural light to your home

The adage “A year's plan starts with spring. A day's plan starts in the morning”.

Spring always bring vigor and hope for the human beings, spring recovery of all thing,

In China, people plans to do something in the New Year at beginning of spring. They are fight for children’s performance in school, for their own great job or for a good life. All fight for a better future, our Chinese worried about the future things in advance, but ignore the situation what we are in now.


Industrialize production makes Deterioration of air quality, meanwhile our living environment was polluted badly. Now the most important point is to improve our living environment. To most people, wealth is important, fame is important, but on the condition if you have a healthy body. Good environment are concern of a healthy situation body.


So the first thing we should do is to bring more natural sun light to our living area. This sun light can clear your unhappy, and light your life.


Sunshine is the condition on which all things depend; it can also kill harmful bacteria and parasites in the air. Give back us a healthy environment.


It is difficult to drill a hole in a closed room, but we can use the power of technology

to guide the natural light in the dark corner. Touch the natural light in your room is not a dream again.


Banfu new energy’s natural tubular day lighting system can help you solve this problem. Our special lighting dome can collect different angle light and was guided in the interior area by the high reflectivity light tube. Banfu tubular skylight solves the interior day lighting problem and improves the living environment for you.

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