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Repay us a good living environment, appeal to use energy saving product

HAZE” was mentioned many times in the recent years. Now in the past few days, the heart of China, Beijing and some neighbors cities haze reached to their extraordinary. The most terrible times coming, so many residents felt despairing about their living quality.

As the weather of the Earth raising, the CO2 increasing and air particulates increasing, our environment was covered by the haze times again and again. People don’t think it can be clears after the haze attacking. They worried more terrible haze after that.

Protect our environment was spoken many years, of course, we can’t ask about it becomes better suddenly. But if payback to us and our descendant a good living environment, it not only needs the government support but also decided by the people’s power.

If every citizen can use some environment helpful protect like the natural light day lighting tubular skylight, Wastewater Treatment Systems, Activated carbon adsorption device, it will helps much.

Now the Banfu daylighting system editor will tell you something about the natural light tubular skylight. The tubular skylight is not a extra devise to decline the pollution of the air.

It can replace the electric power lighting totally at daytime.

Found a proper lighting area, make sure it can be drilled, then you can install the tubular skylight. It’s not a natural light simulation; it guides real natural light inside your room. Using this skylight system, it can help to save 80% lighting energy, and decline huge CO2 as well as other pollution.

Normally a 10000m2 area factory if using the banfu tubular skylight, it can saves about 365000 kw hour electric power, about 146Ton standard coal mine, it approaches about 1460Ton clear water. And also it can reduce 363ton CO2, 11ton sulfur dioxide, 5.5ton nitric oxide and 99ton carbon dust.

What an appalling number, in fact there are many construction especially the industrial building didn’t use the tubular skylight. Now we appeal to everybody protect environment, trying to use the energy saving product. It can not only protect our homes but also bring you energy saving benefit.

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