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Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Natural day lighting system was adopted by human beings

From the ancient times, there is no modern lighting technology, the human being working schedule according to the natural light, they worked when sunrise, and rest at sundown.

It is a healthy working way according to the natural law, which will be continued now and the future. It also shows how important the natural light to the human being.

The Baufu tubular skylight system adopts a unique technology, absorbing the natural light to the indoor area. Through the special high reflectivity light tube with light reflectivity theory, transit the light to the indoor area, no dazzle light, smooth and evenly. This technology makes people enjoy the natural light in door the whole day, and it also insulates 90% harmful ultraviolet meanwhile, which really very healthy to the human beings.

Actually, the natural light not just for illumination, it can also adjust emotions of human beings.

It is said by authority specialist, the blue wavelength light in sunlight which can’t be produced in the artificial electrical light stimulates secretion of Human neurotransmitters. This neurotransmitter has positive influence to human beings health.

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