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Energy-saving systems for no-electricity lighting make lighting safer

No-electric lighting, or light guide tube lighting system, is an energy-saving and environmental protection lighting device developed abroad in the late 1980s.   When installation conditions permit, it can completely replace traditional artificial lighting and transmit natural light economically and efficiently to indoor Spaces that cannot be reached by traditional skylights and Windows.   Without electricity lighting energy-saving systems are sometimes referred to as "solar tubular skylight", "light guide", "the sun pipes", etc., because of the light guide lighting system greatly reduced people's demand for electricity, and will be closely linked to people and the outside environment, ecological security has become a cost-effective, energy-efficient and indoor lighting design of ideal solution.

BAN FU solar tubular skylights Through the light guide device, sunlight will be directed to indoor lighting, so that people can also bathe in sunlight indoors, natural light full spectrum radiation, no strobe, colorless deviation, no dazzling light, this energy saving system without electricity lighting makes the indoor environment more comfortable and healthy, completely achieve no electricity lighting.   Then avoid the electrical fire caused by poor contact, poor insulation capacity, short circuit, overload, overload, discharge breakdown, equipment aging.

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