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We offer our every customers from around the world to maintain a very better communication and product support services.


long-term cooperation with world's leading logistics and express companies, can ensure goods delivered in the shortest time.


We ensure product quality and quality, and meet the relevant international industry standards and better production rules.


Our services are on a global scale, to help you grow exponentially in local and foreign markets for maximum conversions.


Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd located at nearby of Guangzhou Baiyun airport, the former is Ely-shelter building material limited located at Hongkong.
As a new type of roofing lighting, solar energy lighting firm, the main mission of BANFU is focus research, development, production, sales and service together to support any area need us. The available product includes BANFU tubular skylight daylighting system, light well daylighting solution, roof window.
As our operation idea is Environmental peaceful lighting, pursue fashion green, hug clean life, carbon offsets, energy saving, promote low carbon economy, the BANFU guys take advantage of pure sunshine to improve the lighting situation of various building which makes highly safety, better comfort of peoples living space. All the available products have got patent and flow to market.
Leading professional, Committed to product innovation.

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Application of pipe type daylight lighting system

Application of pipe type daylight lighting system in villa room, corridor and basement space,This lighting system uses light tubes to bring natural light into the room, thus achieving an energy-saving and environmentally friendly lighting effect ... ... + Read more

How to Install a solar tubular skylight

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Energy-saving systems for no-electricity lighting

BAN FU solar tubular skylights Through the light guide device, sunlight will be directed to indoor lighting, so that people can also bathe in sunlight indoors, natural light full spectrum radiation, no strobe, colorless deviation, no dazzling light, ... ... + Read more

solar tubular skylights illuminates the undergroun

solar tubular skylights of the lighting system technology is mature, has been widely used in all kinds of construction of underground space, with optical technology lighting device to collect using natural sunlight, the daylighting of the lighting eq ... ... + Read more

Bring more natural light to your home

Banfu new energy’s natural tubular day lighting system can help you solve this problem. Our special lighting dome can collect different angle light and was guided in the interior area by the high reflectivity light tube. Banfu tubular skylight solves ... ... + Read more

Free Tubular Daylighting System

Tubular Daylighting System, namely light tube lighting system is a set of natural light collection, and transmitted to the indoor through the pipeline, natural light lighting system. ... ... + Read more

Natural day lighting system was adopted by human b

tubular skylight, sun tunnel, tube skylight, natural daylighting systems ... ... + Read more

Banfu Tubular skylight: We are not the producer of

Banfu Tubular skylight: We are not the producer of natural light, but the porters of natural light. ... ... + Read more



As a replacement of traditional electronic lighting devise, Banfu tubular skylight daylighting system can save 50% power consumption, improve the working environment, and enhance staff work efficient. It helps to create green energy saving high tech factory.


Reduce electrical lighting consumption, improve lighting quality, lower running cost of firm, and increase workshop product color resolution. Eliminate potential safety risks of electricity use.No maintenance, get payback soon, no electrical lighting at daytime。


Create brand-new energy saving shopping mall, build a high-grade retail environment. Bring truly natural shopping experience to customer and happy working environment for the staff. Reduce access 50% energy cost for the shopping more.




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