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light Skylight Sun Tunnel in green building have what effect

1. What is a green building
Green building refers to the total life cycle, save resources, protect the environment, reduce pollution, provide people with healthy, applicable, efficient use of space, maximum limit realizes the person and the natural harmonious coexistence high quality construction.Green building should follow the principle of adjust measures to local conditions, combining construction areas of climate, environment, resource, economy and culture etc, the safety of the building life-cycle period the durable, healthy and comfortable, convenient life, save resources, environment livable five types of indicators such as performance evaluation.Green building interior layout is reasonable, minimize the use of synthetic materials, make full use of sunshine, save energy, to create a feeling of close to nature for residents.To people, building and natural environment coordinated development as the goal, the use of natural conditions and artificial means to create a good and healthy living environment at the same time, as far as possible to control and reduce the use and destruction of the natural environment, fully embodies the nature of the balance between the request and return.
2. The level of green architecture
Green building is divided into one, two-star, three-star 3 levels.3 levels of green building should be meet the green building evaluation standard GBff, 50378-2014 "all control requirements.And the score of every index score should not be less than 40 minutes.When the total score of the green building reached 50, 60 points, 80 points, and the green building rating star class, two-star, three-star respectively.Green building evaluation index system of the major indicators of specific indicators divided into control, general items and three types of preferences.Among them, the control is necessary for green building;General measures of refers to some implementation is difficult, to demand higher optional;Preference is more difficult and demanding higher options.According to meet the general items, and the degree of preference, the green building from low to high divided into one, two and three star classes at three levels.
In residential construction, for example, in general, 18 standard star class identification can be obtained;27 items standards available two-star identity;35 standard three-star identification can be obtained.
3. Why do you want to develop green building?
With the development of China's economic and social, new urbanization, to further improve the level of construction industry in our country is in a period of relative prosperity, has become the world's largest construction market.Produced by now, however, the construction industry in our country is about 30% of the whole society's emissions of carbon dioxide, residents live in the wide use of heating, air conditioning also contributed to the high pollution, high energy consumption situation of construction industry sustainable development.However, in today's big development background, originally to consume resources, sacrifice the environment at the expense of traditional architecture way already can not meet the requirement of the current era, the need to adopt new ways to maintain the healthy development of construction industry.At present, the global environmental degradation and low carbon economy under the impact of globalization, human gradually realized and the relationship of the ecological environment, thus urgently seeking new building, environmental protection, green, healthy and better realize the harmony of man and society and sustainable development.And realize the low carbon development of green building has become the inevitable requirement of economic development in China.So, green building concept arises at the historic moment, the energy saving and environmental protection in the implementation of these new elements into the construction scheme, it brought new development ideas for construction industry.
As is known to all, construction and real estate industry is following agriculture, industry, business and a new national economy pillar industry, its brings the economic benefits are obvious to all.But with the continuous development of social economy, rely on the traditional construction the high consumption, high emission and low efficiency, difficult to cycle the extensive development model is difficult to achieve long-term development.In 2020, our country's construction area of 80 billion m2 and 100 billion m2, so urgently need to adopt scientific effective energy conservation and emissions reduction measures, establish the low carbon concept, study the development countermeasures of the green building, actively improve air quality, realize the carbon dioxide emissions in per unit of GDP by 40% ~ 50% of policy goals.

Facing the current increasingly scarce resources, the ecological environment worsening situation, it is particularly important to promote the development of green building.Green building design from save resources, improve resource utilization, is the inevitable requirement of building economical society in our country.At the same time, through the development of green building, can stimulate to promote the application of the use of new technology and new materials, to promote the development of related industries innovation plays a certain role in promoting

Skylight Sun Tunnel and the green building evaluation standards
5.2.8 make full use of natural light, the composite evaluating value of 12 points, and according to the following rules respectively rate and cumulative:
1, residential building indoor main function space at least 60% area area, the light intensity of illumination value not less than 300 lx average number of hours of not less than 8 h/d, 9 points.
2, public buildings, respectively, according to the following rules rate and cumulative:
1) within the area could satisfy the requirement of lighting lighting coefficient ratio reached 60%, 3 points;
2) the underground space average daylight factor not less than 0.The proportion of 5% of the area and the basement first floor area of more than 10%, 3 points;
3) indoor and main functions of at least 60% of the area proportion of regional space lighting illuminance value not under illumination hours not less than 4 h/d, on average three points.
3, the main function room is glare control measures, three points

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