Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Banfu New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

Banfu Tubular skylight: We are not the producer of natural light, but the porters of natural light.

Sunshine brings us warm feeling. It was happy to enjoy the natural light. Whenever,

the natural sunlight means power,positive and optimistic.

Banfu new energy is just such a positive, warm firm. Its natural day lighting system, the
so called sun tunnel, tubular skylight bring natural sun light to many underground areas,
schools and hospitals. They are called the porters of sun light.
What is a tubular skylight day lighting system? To be simply, it collects natural light and
transits it by
special tube than light the indoor area. Sunshine is an inexhaustible new energy, through high technology transition,the Banfu new energy makes it benefit of human being directly.

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