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1. How does the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system work?

Different direction and angle’s sun light was absorbing by the roof lighting dome, and been reflected to the sun pipe, which owns high transmission compares to the traditional roof window; then was brightened and guided to the diffuser and spread to the rooms’ any angles, this is how the system works.

2. Is any special of the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system.

It keeps 10 hours day lighting, reflection high to 99.7%.

3. Will I save money when install the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system.

Yes, you can save energy charge in daytime, as well as the maintenance and replace of the lamps.

4. What’s the size available?

The light pipe system size available is: 280mm diameter, 400mm diameter and 550mm diameter.

The light well system size available is: 1200X1200mm, 1200X2400mm:

5.How much area can a BANFU( SPARKLITE) light pipe system light?

It main decided by the ceiling height, normally can light up 15-50 square meter. If the tube length is 1.8m, and ceiling height is 2.4m, when the sun light direct to the roof dome,

SPT-280RT can light up 15 square meter area.

SPT-400RT can light up 30 square meter area.

SPT-550RT can light up 50 square meter area.

The light transmit ion is change as the light intensity, tube length and ceiling height

6. How many systems do I need to install?

The quantity of the day lighting system decides by the space of building and the height of suspended ceiling. Take a consider of the height of the ceiling, find out the size of the system can cover, then you can calculate how many you need.( take the installation manual for reference)

7. Why the light from BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system is better than the electric illumination?

The natural light transmitted by SPARKLITE day lighting system is totally free. The natural light will not hurt eyes, and lower nearsightedness, increase the absorb of vitamin D. compared to the electric illumination, natural light can increase sales, enhance working efficiency and human being’s healthy.

8. How does the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system compare to the traditional skylight?

Traditional skylights have their place as do tubular day lighting devices (TDD). There are a few key benefits of the SPRKLITE day lighting System, however that allow our TDD to perform better than skylights. Some of these include:

Flexible location options

Low-cost installation

Optimal thermal performance

Optical enhancement devices

Consistent and visually comfortable day lighting

9. Can the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system replace the fixed skylight?

Yes, of course. It’s easy to replace the fixed skylight without changing the structure and will supply more comfortable sun light.

10. How long does the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system light the building?

According to the location and season, long to 10 hours natural light can arrive to your room thanks to the system. Furthermore, the BANFU(SPARKLITE) day lighting system has an obvious feature to absorb the low light in morning, dawn and winter.

11. How long the light pipe or light well should be used.

To achieve optimal light output in spaces that require long tube runs, we recommend using tube lengths no longer than those listed below:

SPARKLITE sun pipe 280 RT 8m

SPARKLITE sun pipe 400 RT 12m

SPARKLITE sun pipe 550 RT 18m

SPARKLITE light well 1200RT 30m

SPARKLITE light well 2400RT 40m

For tube runs exceeding 15 ft in length or running horizontally, we recommend the addition of suspension wires for support.

In short tube runs, there is no minimum length for the SPARKLITE day lighting system. The tubing may simply need to be modified to fit the space. This can be done easily by telescoping or cutting the tubing to the desired length. When there is no suspended ceiling in the room, the length of light pipe or light well should be lower then the existed vent, electric devise and building support to make sure no barrier for the lighting spreading. If there is suspended ceiling, the light pipe/ light well should equal to the suspended ceiling. If needs change the length of the pipe/well, just cut the pipe/well to the length wanted.

12. How many types of the light pipe/light well? How to fix together?

There are two types of the light pipe, rigid pipe and flexi-pipe. Rigid pipe’s raw material is aluminum, the finishes been treated by 5 times to make sure the reflection arrive to 99.7%.

The flexi-pipe is made by double layers aluminum foil coved with PE film, and connected by steel rope, it’s flexible and with very high reflection but low price which is a better choice for family using.

There is aluminum foil sticker attached to seam gaps. Otherwise, the rigid system can use the attached self-tapping screws or rivets to fix, which made the structure better.

13. Which kind of diffuser should I choose?

All the nice shape diffusers are designed by professionals. They are connected by decorated ring and fixed ring which made by mould PP material. The diffuser can work with other lens together to get more soft light and deduct the transmission of heat.

SPARKLITE diffuser lens, low price with high optical effect ion, matched the ceiling very well.

Fresnel lens can lower the dazzled light, and what fantastic is that you can enjoy the beautiful sky view indoor.

14. How long does the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system using?

The estimated life is 30years, the components warrantee is 12 years, and electric component is 5 years. The dome located on the roof will not change performance with temperature from -40 to 120℃

15. How long to deliver the cargo?

Normally, 3 – 30days, it is decided y the quantity and specification.

16. Can any contractor install the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system?

The SPARKLITE system is a simple DIY product, but we suggest you asked an certified contractor to install for you. Our system needs about 1.5 hour to finish.

17. Can a BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system resist UV?

To answer this question, we first need to understand what wavelengths of radiation are emitted through a BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system. BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting systems utilize two technologies to eliminate ultraviolet (UV) radiation and reduce heat from infrared (IR) wavelengths entering the building interior.

First is related to the roof polycarbonate domes. The outer roof domes have special UV inhibitors designed to block 100% of UVB (100 to 315 nanometers), and 95% UVA (315 to 400 nanometers) rays. UVB is easy to burn the skin; however it is blocked out by SPARKLITE day lighting system. UVA causes little burning, wrinkling when exposure long times.

Secondly is the light pipe/light well, the pipe or well only transmit 400-760mm nanometers UV, Typically plant growth occurs between 400 and 1000 nanometers. Based on this data, it would be safe to say that, in general, a SPARKLITE day lighting system will have a positive effect on plant growth depending on a particular plant’s UV requirements.

18. Does the BANFU( SPARKLITE) daylight system suit for residential usinglike bathroom?

Yes, you can choose our light pipe system which is more suitable. Positioned in bathroom is ok, the excess moisture will make condensate occur which will shorten or hurt the component using, this is not in the scope of warranty.

19. Can the BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system used in multi-story building?

The SPARKLIGHT day lighting system can only work on the top floor of the building.

20. On What roofs can BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system be installed?

BANFU(SPARKLITE) day lighting systems can be installed on any roof type.

21. Can a BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system store light for use at night?

No, the BANFU(SPARKLITE) day lighting system only transfers the available sunlight that enters through the dome during the day. However, the optional Light Add-On Kit may be installed so that the SPARKLITE day lighting system can be used as a standard lighting fixture at night that operates using a standard wall switch

22. Can a BANFU( SPARKLITE) day lighting system bear heavy rain?

Yes, the roof kit was waterproof designed one time press forming, no joint and no gap. Water will run along the flat face of the kit, no leaking.

23. What happens on a cloudy day?

SPARKLITE day lighting systems maximize the amount of daylight available for lighting your interior, regardless of sky conditions. The dome arch and bending edge design in our domes transfer the maximum amount of daylight from the rooftop down into the interior with minimal light loss, even on cloudy days. Keep in mind your light output is always relative to your light input. There will be a noticeable difference in light intensity between a clear, sunny day and a heavily overcast day.

24. What happens if the dome gets covered by snow?

When just the roof is covered with snow, it may actually increase light output as the white snow makes the roof more reflective. When the dome itself is covered with snow, light output will be reduced but the dome will continue to perform. Tests have indicated that all SPARKLITE day lighting system models can resist snow loads up to 360kgs per square meter.




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