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Sri Lanka a carving craft factory applied the banff 550 rt series of large diameter light guide ligh

A carving craft factory used my company in Sri Lanka, 550 rt series of large diameter light guide lighting lighting system.Thank you Abigai support, and wish Abigai company business is thriving!Source of money widely enter!


Use banff BANFU - 550 rt series product is the purpose of daylighting to warehouse and production workshop, office, conference room, and other areas to improve work quantity and quality of the sun, make employees do their job under better visibility, and ensure that employees can work in the natural, pure and fresh environment, so as to improve the comfort of human body, improve production efficiency.And improve the overall work environment.Another major factor is by reducing the energy consumption of electric lighting to reduce operating costs, thus the enterprise to build an iconic, green energy-saving high-tech factory.

The solution :

If you need to the elevated area of 1600 square meters workshop production, loading area and lots of reform.The result is astonishing.Buildings have no effect on work in factories, factory employees soon surprised daylighting replaced the electric light.The entire lighting system can reduce power consumption by 40%.


Banff light guide lighting system, because of their product quality and reasonable price.This product is effective for the daylighting of the production environment, and can be in a very short time into the cost of recycling.In addition, the employees work more active under natural light illumination." When you step into the space, you will immediately understand that we are very satisfied with the effect of fluorescent series products.They brought in natural light, add more color to life, and reduce the cost of the company's public facilities.BANFU how light guide lighting system is a fantastic product,

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