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Natural Light Ventilation

Product Item: BF-05HLV
Category: Natural Light Ventilation
Feature:100% energy saving tubular skylight
Product Manual:It was combined by two individual system---------- the tubular skylight day lighting system and ventilation system. Tubular skylight bring natural light to the indoor area, through light collecting pa


Positively answered the call of energy saving policy, BANFU new energy research the new product lighting and ventilation system which bring light and change air with natural light and wind but no electric power.


1. Eco-friendly: non power, natural day lighting and nature ventilation, no energy consumption.

2. Waterproofing: special blade design makes water flow outside.

3. Free sunshine: high quality material daylighting system bring 8-10 hours shinning

4. No maintenance: no maintenance, no need part replacement.

5. Light weight: the whole system including basement weight about 15kg.

6. Anti-corrosion: frame material is 304 ss and AE-MG5050aluminum alloy

7. Long lifetime: whole system warranty 5 years, and life time high t0 20-30years

8. Application: industrial working shop, warehouse, rooftop, villa, flower house, plant etc.

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