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Working principle of sun tunnel skylight and problems to pay attention to during installation

As a kind of non-electric lighting system-sun tunnel skylight,, the buildings using this system can use the sunlight for indoor lighting during the day. The basic principle is that outdoor natural light is efficiently collected through the daylighting cover and imported into the system for redistribution, and then transmitted by the special light guide tube, the diffuser at the bottom of the natural light uniformly and efficiently illuminates any place that needs light. From dawn to dusk, even on cloudy days, the light guide tube sun tunnel skylight, into the indoor light is still sufficient. The device is mainly composed of three parts: lighting device, light guide device and diffusing device.

Daylighting device: also known as daylighting cover, is a light tube daylighting system exposed to the outdoor components, collect sunlight. Airtight performance, watertight performance, wind pressure resistance and impact resistance are important performance indexes. At present, most daylighting covers are hemispherical, whose light collection effect is stronger than traditional skylight and daylighting skylight. The main materials are PMMA (acrylic) material or PC injection molding material. The impact resistance of pc material is better than that of acrylic material, but the light transmission rate of acrylic material is better than that of pc material. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. 

Light guide device: also known as light guide tube, is the key component of light transmission, its internal surface reflection ratio has a great impact on the efficiency of the system. In order to ensure a high transmission efficiency of the whole system, the tube wall material with high reflection should be used. 

Diffuser: The main function is to collect outdoor natural light as much as possible and evenly distributed to the indoor, in addition to ensuring reasonable light distribution, but also should have a high transmission ratio, improve the efficiency of the whole system. 

Installation site 
The sun tunnel skylight, provides daytime lighting for: 
Public buildings: shopping malls, supermarkets, sports venues, exhibition halls, zoos, museums; 
Industrial buildings: large workshop, warehouse, subway maintenance factory; 
Military facilities: hangars, maintenance warehouses, equipment warehouses, etc. 
Civil buildings: underground garage, waiting hall, underground passage, subway, light rail waiting hall, school, hospital, government office building, prison, senior club, hotel, hotel, mobile room, family residence, villa, etc. 
Energy saving: No power, using natural light lighting, at the same time the system hollow seal, with good heat insulation performance, will not bring heat load effect to the indoor. 
Environmental protection: The components of the light guide lighting system are green products. 
Health: The indoor is diffused natural light without stroboscope, which will not cause damage to human eyes. (The power supply frequency of ordinary fluorescent lamp is 50 Hertz, indicating that the light is on and off 100 times per second, which belongs to the low frequency stroboscope, which will cause visual fatigue of human eyes and thus accelerate 
Myopia), while the surface with UV coating daylighting device will isolate most of the UV, so that a small amount of UV into the room, can remove indoor mold, inhibit the growth of microorganisms, promote the synthesis and absorption of nutrients in the body, improve the living environment. 
Safety: There are no power hazards 
Good light effect: The light transmitted by the sun tunnel skylight, is natural light, its wavelength range is 392nm ~ 780nm, and the color rendering Ra is 100 (the light emitted by the incandescent lamp is closest to the natural light, and its color rendering Ra is 95 ~ 97). Besides, the light entering the room through the diffuser at the bottom of the system is the diffuse light, the light is soft and the illumination distribution is uniform. 
Service life: Service life of sun tunnel skylight, ≥ 25 yea

Installation process 
Preparations before installation: 
1. Survey the site. 
2. Prepare tools

Installation process: 
1. Reserve holes. 
2, check whether the hole and the wall is regular, and then organize it to make it regular. 
3, ceiling hole positioning (can also be reserved). 
4. Clean the holes in the ceiling. 
5. Install waterproof cap. 
6. Install daylighting cover. 
7. Install light guide tube. 
8. Install diffuser. 
Completion of construction: 
1. Check whether the system installation is qualified. If it fails, reinstall it. 
2. Clean up the construction site. 

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