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750MM Tubular skylight

Product Item: SPT-750RT
Category: SPT-750RT
Size: 750MM
Dome Material:Anti-UV Polycarbonate/PMMA
Diffuser Type:Flat & curved diffuser
Feature:100% energy saving tubular skylight
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This system is designed for larger areas or buildings with high ceiling levels generally like those used for manufacturing, retail or warehousing. The system can be used singly or in multiples to light larger areas where access to natural light is restricted. At 750mm in diameter, the SPT-750RT requires minimum ceiling heights of around 6m and will light an area of up to 80sqm.

Example: Solarspot SPT-750RT open-ceiling lamp system. Options are availble for flat and pitched roofs and tube lengths up to 25m.

SPT-750RT system accessories and components:

Lighting collecting part: round shape lighting dome

Roof flashing: different shape for optional

Transit tube: standard tube (600mm),

extension tube for optional according to actual need

Diffuser kit: curved or flat diffuser available

System specification:

Tube diameter: 750mm

Recommend area up: 80sqm

Potential tube length: 25m

SPT-750RT system benefits:

Anti-UV polycarbonate lighting dome with superior thermal insulation performance,

Customized flashing shape according to project site situation

98% reflectivity light tube

Easy to assemble and install fast.

SPTT-750RT Application Examples

Offices, meeting rooms, foyers 、Classrooms 、stairwells 、warehousing 、Retail , hospitals, surgeries 、Foyers 、atrium spaces 、Shopping centre thoroughfares 、Larger corridors 、stairwells 、Manufacturing 、 warehousing 、Retail shed。。。。。。。

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