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Electric ventilation skylight

Product Item: SPT-EV08S
Category: Electric ventilation skylight
Dome Material:Anti-UV Polycarbonate
Feature:100% energy saving tubular skylight
Product Manual:Let you of the sun room is not hot warm in winter and cool in summer four spring-like Can customize according to customer needs a specific size Name: electric remo


Name: electric remote contro l window

(Can customize according to customer needs a specific size)

Material: 304 stainless steel profiles (four angles used seamless welding technology, 100% don't leak)
Lighting area: bayer 100% new PC raw materials produced by the special shape of light shade, not only the life of more than 12 years, daylighting is better, but also has uv protection, noise insulation, corrosion resistance, resistance to wind pressure.

Roof daylighting can choose S, pyramid, dome type, flat type. Customer can choose single or double light shade.(also can be customized according to the customer demand).

Electric remote control: selects high quality large chain with CE mark, open the window, and is equipped with a controller and remote control.

Applicable construction:
basement, sun room, public, airports, clubs, exhibition hall, gymnasium, villa, factory, company, etc (in fact - anywhere you need light).

Electric window device description:
Is suitable for the height of the window is not easy to think that the place of operation.Built-in motor overload, over-current protection, chain adopts double stainless steel sheet metal, stable running smooth, aluminum alloy shell, surface electrophoresis treatment.Stainless steel installation, the installation of two fixed point structure, protection of power is the most effective distribution, installation easy and convenient.Life is up to 10000 times open and close action.
Open and close range can be customized to 300 -- -- -- -- -- - 600 mm
Push and pull range can be customized to 400 n - 800 n
Control mode: 1: the cable switch control, wireless remote control.
Host 2: cooperate with wind and rain sensor, realize the windy rain automatically shut the window.




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